What Should You Spend on Stump Grinding?

You have a stump that needs to be removed. Call someone to get a quote at $200. Is this too high? Too low? How can you know?

Many stump grinders won’t tell you how much to pay. This allows them to charge whatever they like.

Sorry, guys.

A stump grinder quoted $100 for a large stump, according to a family member. They were shocked at the low price and hired him to grind the stump. The guy realized that the job would take him longer than he expected. He decided to leave the job unfinished. It’s possible that a quote sounds too good to be true.

However, stump grinders can charge twice what they should. One example: I once quoted a job that involved a lot of stumps for $1,200. Another person had them quoted at $2,400.

How much should stump grinding cost?

These are the main factors that influence the price of stump grinding in Auckland:

1) The stump is obviously more expensive than the rest.

2) Knowing the type of tree is helpful in getting a quote. Some tree types can be more difficult (water oak, maple and river birch), while others are simpler (Leyland Cypress, pine trees).

3) The more stumps you have, the less you should pay per stump.

Price is affected by many factors

If they are in a row, a row of Leyland Cypresses should not cost more than $30-50 per stump. However, a single stump will cost you more.

A large water oak will cost you between $300 and $800. There are huge water oaks. My highest charge was $950. I was also underpaid. This stump took me an entire day to complete.

A pine stump of standard size should cost between $50 and $200. A maple tree should be around $100-300. These are only estimates. To give an exact quote, you must see the stump in person.

This will hopefully help you avoid being scammed by stump grinders. Some stump grinders will charge a lot more than others. While they may offer the best price, some stump grinders may not finish the job or leave behind a mess.

A job usually requires a minimum cost. If you have a Leyland Cypress stump that costs $30, the stump grinder will not come out to grind it for $30. This is due to fuel costs, driving time, and other factors. Most stump grinders charge a minimum amount for each job. Our minimum job size is $105. Asking your neighbours if they need stumps ground is a great way to avoid this.

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