Why Roof Maintenance is of utter importance?

According to recent surveys in Auckland, eighty-seven percent of all roofing-related accidents occur at home. It’s not advisable to ignore that tiny leak or loose shackle for too long. Securing the roof perimeter, a timely inspection of your exterior and interior areas, and other areas such as drainage, penetrations, and joints can help you ward off potential accidental disasters.

In this article, we will look at some major reasons cited below on why roof maintenance should be there in your priority list.

Helps you to keep moisture at Bay

Do you know what a roof’s biggest enemy is? It’s moisture

When there is a roof leak, typically the cracks that led to the leaks go unnoticed for a prolonged period. The moisture then gets soaked up by the insulation slowly over time before you can see them entering and damaging your interior walls and roof. A wet roof can also account for energy losses of up to 70%. This is because wet insulation loses its thermal resistance.

The industry recommends that the standard roof inspection should be done at least twice a year. But in extreme cases like right after severe rain, hail, or a storm; immediate investigations must be conducted.

Helps you maintain proper drainage

You may not be aware of the connection between roof and drainage. However, it is very essential to understand the link between the two. Storm damage and heavy rains may make your roof waterlogged. The logged water present on your roof may retain unwanted things like leaves, trash, and debris. The debris will clog the drainage on the roof and might facilitate moisture penetration into the inside concrete. As this problem does not have immediate repercussions, it might as well go unnoticed for several months to years. But if this problem is not addressed properly, in due time, it may cause severe problems like rotting, corrosion, and even mold formation.

Keeps your roof healthy

A healthy and strong roof will always make your house look beautiful. We often fail to understand the importance of timely hiring experts for roof maintenance in Auckland

Extreme hot or cold weather conditions easily corrodes the build and details of the roof. Failing to do regular inspection and maintenance will lead to the deterioration of the quality of the roof. Hence, the practice of annual or bi-annual roof inspection is important to retain the beauty of your roof and house.

Helps to avoid premature roof replacement costs

A preventive maintenance program from a professional roof maintenance expert goes a long way in identifying problems long before they appear and creates a dent in your budget. A roof maintenance program can help you save up to fifty percent over the 30-year life cycle of a roof when compared to the replacement costs taking place every 10-15 years.

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