Top Facts That You Should Know About Concrete Floors

concrete floor

Modern life will seem incomplete without this human-made material concrete. It’s used in everything, starting from the superhighways to a residence’s flooring.  Its incredible strength and versatility have made it so popular a choice in every sector.

Let us look at some of the unique features of concrete, and by the end of the article, you will surely accept that concrete floor finishes in NZ are one of the best options for your home.

Unique Facts About Concrete Floors

Easy to maintain

Cleaning and maintaining concrete floors is one of the most manageable tasks. All you need to do is mop it once a week, and simply use soapy water for the best results. You can add a skirting board to keep the floor clean and tidy for a more extended period.

It’s an excellent option for not only people who run short of time but also for those who run tight on budget. The basic design is affordable. But, you also get mid-range and high-range ones which you can customize as per your need.

High sustainability

As compared to any other flooring, this type of flooring is more durable. Moreover, it can bear heavy foot traffic, which is why it’s so preferred. Commercial and industrial builders too rely on concrete floors, not just because of its durability, but also because of is look features and other properties.

Though it might be time and effort taking, these floorings are worth it.

Highly resistant to heat and water

Concrete is almost fire-proof as neither it can be burned nor it can be set on fire. And it also doesn’t release any toxic fume when in contact with flames. Furthermore, because of the slow rate at which it transfers heat, it also acts as an efficient fire shield. That’s why buildings with concrete or structures made of concrete can survive a fire even when everything around is set ablaze.

Casings and exclusive concrete mixes can make concrete practically waterproof. No doubt why it’s considered as the ideal material for underground structures like lower levels, parking structures, and basements!


The primary ingredients of concrete floor are cement, which is mixed with aggregates and water. And cement’s main part is Limestone, which is one of the most plentiful materials available on Earth. The other ingredients include fly ash, slag, and silica, which can be easily obtained as by-products or waste from different manufacturing units. Thus, the material impact of concrete flooring on the environment can be considered as minimal. 

Versatile options

Modern techniques have made it possible to add different things to concrete flooring, which improves the finishing touch of the flooring and also makes it available in varied options.

You can choose from different styles, or use rubber stencils to get textures or get a unique look with stains such as paint, acid, etc.

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