Your Six-step Guide to a Perfect Condo Renovation!

A condo or a condominium is a limited spaced house that has its own sweet advantages. For people who don’t want the maintenance headache of large lawns or big yards, a condo seems a perfect place to reside in serenity. And if you own such a compact living space, you obviously understand why your home is so close to your heart. Maybe, that is the reason why you are thinking of renovating the same after all these years. But to get the best results from the renovations in your condo, there are lots of essential factors to think of!

Easy but a Step by Step Guide for the Perfect Condo Renovation!

A condo may be compact square footage compared to other houses, but it still is home to you! And when you are renovating it, you would obviously want it to be the most practical, functional, and amazing place for yourself. Here are the tips!

  • Know the basic rules — Unlike the other houses, a condo is a part of a large building that is shared by multiple residents living in close proximity. And if you are renovating the same, you’ll have to take special permissions from the officials, building authorities, etc. Ensure you are studying and abiding by all these renovations related rules from the beginning (and all through the process).
  • Whom are you renovating for? — It’s a very essential matter of concern before the renovations! Are you going to be a sole resident here, or you’re bringing your live-in partner with you or there would be a flatmate moving in with you! Know the need before you make the necessary changes in your condo!
  • Call the experts of condo renovations —If you want a super-fast renovation with the best results, don’t just pick any architect for the job! Opt for an expert building company. In Auckland, Reef View Construction LTD are experts in home renovations and building projects and will know exactly how to make the best changes for your condo!
  • Consider functionality as the top priority- We know condos are compact spaces. And picking up lavishly large designs, complicated ideas, too many decorative structures, etc. to adorn the place would up lots of spaces. Instead, choose designs and changes that seem practical rather than too flowery!
  •  Choose ideas that will enhance the visual space — While you are considering renovation options for your condo, try being wise and go for design elements that can make the place look bigger. Like, you can have a mirrored wall in your bathroom (it makes the small space seem bigger), try sofas that can turn into beds for your guests in the living room, or simply go for furniture and furnishings that blend in with the backdrop to create an illusion of larger space. Natural and electrical light fixtures can also brighten up your space making it look airy!
  •  Try remodelling instead of tearing down — Though you mostly don’t break the entire place apart during a renovation, but even if you are trying to tear down a small section like bathroom or kitchen, then better prevent it! Try remodelling this area to prevent any commotion or confusion due to lack of space.

Renovating a condo can be comparatively more challenging than other houses. But if you are doing it right, then you could create a blissful sanctuary. 

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